News & Notes about ConvergeSE

Zoe Gillenwater: Flexible Web Design: Improving Efficiency and Usability with CSS3

CSS3, the latest style sheet language, is about more than making things look pretty (though it's really good at that too). Many CSS3 techniques can reduce your development times, increase page loading speeds, improve usability, and increase the adaptability of your pages to different devices (including iPads and iPhones). Learn which pieces of CSS3 you can add to your web sites right now and how they might benefit your projects in tangible ways.

Dean Schuster: Debunking User Experience

We Web development folk certainly know a thing or two about User Experience, the sum of every amazing thing we do. We fancy ourselves privileged insiders, the source of innovation, true guardians of taste and the arbiters of something called usability.

Jonathan LeBlanc - HTML5 Features and Security

As the new HTML 5 features are becoming integrated in browsers we are beginning to see the first glimmer of the new conventions in web development. Exploring what HTML 5 encompasses, his session is an overview of the features behind HTML 5 that will make our online lives easier and more relevant.

Robert Tolar Haining - Developing iPhone + iPad Apps

Robert will take you through the design and development process of creating innovative iPhone/iPad products at Condé Nast, having led the development efforts on various apps for Epicurious, Postcard by, GQ Magazine & Vanity Fair.

Kevin Hale -

Kevin Hale of gave us a really great talk on "Support Driven Development". Outlining how his company relies heavily on this philosophy and how it can revolutionize yours.